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Jazz Club Bologna.

Jazz Club Bologna cultural association.

The Bologna Jazz cultural association was created to promote and enhance the music culture in the city. A special emphasis is given to Jazz throughout concerts, workshops, movies, and documentary projections, debates, conferences, publications and art exposition. Camera Jazz Club takes care of the members of the association and those who have an interest in exploring the world of Jazz music. The objective is to organise a set of activities between October and May within the facilities of the club.

The Jazz Club.

The Jazz Club
The Camera Jazz&Music Club association is located in Bologna, in the narrow street Vicolo Alemagna, that it is few steps away from one of the most beautiful and breathless squares of the city: Piazza Santo Stefano. The beautiful rooms of “Palazzo Isolani” are the perfect setting for a cozy and cheerful night. The venue has a capacity of 99 people and all the space available is managed in the best way possible to create an adequate and charming atmosphere for our guests. Our aim is to give the rightful importance to music, the lead star of this project.